The Hague, March 31, 2016
JENN, that’s me, Jennifer de Jonge. Designer with a passion for research of new possibilities for long known materials.


JENN is my new label and brings designs for everyone who likes to give herself a gift. Made with great care and designed from nice and honest materials. Pure in form, material and color. That one item which brings your simple black dress from office to restaurant. That blanket which turns you and your sofa into the perfect image and a bowl that looks like you want to bite it. Craft and attention JENN characterized by craftsmanship and attention. Every product reflects the best properties of a material, translated to functionality. Minimalistic and sophisticated, allowing the material to get to its optimal self.


On this label years of research and collaboration preceded. A search for new opportunities for known materials and a specialization in materials like felt and porcelain resulted in its own character: JENN.


Kind regards,
Jennifer de Jonge